Chris Bennet VS Samuel Weller : Freestyle clash

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Chris Bennet 

Instagram: @cbbfootballfreestyle

From: Crailsheim

The freestyle in Germany has a new name: Chris Bennet

The young fella performs since 2014, and was born in 1998

He’s from Crailsheim, a little town in Baden-Württemberg state

Freestyle Academy 33: that’s Chris’ main project

In his academy, Chris teaches individual and team routines 

Bayern Munich is his main religion! 

Samuel Weller  

Instagram: @samufreestyle  

From: Munich

18 years-old. Three years training freestyle. 

This is Samuel Weller 

Sam loves training in tough places

You could find him performing in ski stations or mountain hills  

Sam looks up to freestylers like Andrew Henderson and PWG

He likes joining freestyle meetings in other German cities