Peter Crouch too smalled Sized Golf Clubs

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Tall Former England striker Peter Crouch has finally spoken about the time he used ‘regular sized clubs’ on the golf course.

The 6ft 8in striker went viral in 2017 after helping Stoke City pick up a point against West Ham in the club’s 2017/18 Premier League relegation battle.

But it wasn’t because of his efforts in front of goal.

Real pictures or photoshopped?

And he explained how he had to tell everyone to “get the laughs out of the way” before taking to the course.

“Obviously, there’s that picture of me doing the rounds of me playing club, where I look ridiculous.” He said. “But it’s not because the club is too small for me, it was my technique.

“I used to have to tell everyone: ‘Look this is what I do. Get the laughs out of the way first because this is how I putt.'”

I started photoshopping this picture of #PeterCrouch playing golf and I don’t know what’s real anymore

He added: “I had this cradle technique where I’d hunch right over it. I’d use a small putter and take my arms out like a little cradle, but I just had to train myself out of it because it looked ridiculous.

“The picture of me doing it just keeps coming around. I think it was first taken at the 2006 World Cup when we played some golf during some downtime. And there’s another one doing the rounds that’s not dissimilar.

“I’ve trained myself out of that now so, you won’t be seeing that again!”

So there we have it. We will never see another picture of Peter Crouch using ‘that’ bizarre technique on the golf course