Sala’s dog is still waiting for footballer to come home

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Emiliano Sala’s sister has shared an image of his dog Nala looking for him and waiting patiently for his master to come home.

Romina Sala shared the picture on Facebook showing Nala looking out of a window and she captioned it “Nala is waiting for you too”. The Cardiff City striker had put the dog into kennels ready for his move to Wales and Nala is believed to be one of the reasons he returned to France.

The image emerged as divers found a body inside the doomed flight’s mangled wreckage after it was located by sonar off Guernsey. Footballer Sala and pilot David Ibbotson were the only two on board the plane. They were flying from Nantes in France to Cardiff on January 21 when the plane disappeared over the Channel.

Loyal Nala

Sala’s dog Nala was reportedly one of the reasons the footie star returned to France. He was understood to have taken her to kennels and started the process of moving her over to Wales so she could live with him.

Since Sala lived alone, he got Nala soon after moving to Nantes in 2015 to keep him company. However, investigators have not yet confirmed if the body belongs to 28-year-old Sala or his Brit pilot, Dave Ibbotson, 59.

The downed Piper Malibu that was carrying Sala was located near Alderney after state-of-the-art side-sonar kit scoured the seabed.