Messi-inspired Cirque Du Soleil show gets premiere!

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Cirque du Soleil presented Tuesday its newest football-themed circus show that has been created along with Argentina superstar Lionel Messi.

While Messi, who participated in the creation of the project, was not expected to appear in person in the show, he served as inspiration for the show, which tells the story of a young man with such ambition and will power that he is able to overcome all obstacles to become the greatest soccer-player in the world.

“Promising to be an explosive, fan fueled inspiring experience, Messi10 by Cirque du Soleil acrobatically uncovers the athleticism, devotion and brilliance that bridges the world of soccer and circus”, the organizers said on the group’s website.

If in the 80’s Cirque du Soleil reinvented a forgotten circus, in the last decade Messi took over the black and white football records. “We have worked with spectacular artists such as Michael JacksonThe Beatles or James Cameron, but never with a living legend of the sport like Leo”, explains Charles F. Joron, executive producer.

The partnership between the Argentine and Cirque seems explosive, at least at the level of marketing. In its 34-year history, the Canadian company has sold more than 190 million tickets in 65 different countries.

Messi is the player who most billed in 2017 (about 100 million) and the third with the most followers on Instagram(106 million), after Cristiano and Neymar. “Leo has transcended the football player. It’s something social, that goes beyond what I can do in a field”, says Ernesto Valverde, Barça’s coach.

Show details

The assembly on Messi will have a special package: it will not be the traditional white tent but will simulate a sports pavilion. The rectangular stage will be in the middle and will have two side tribunes with a capacity for 3.000 spectators.

At the ends, two entries. “As tunnels for changing rooms where the artists will enter”, adds the show’s director. They will seek the interaction of the public. ‘Player number 12’ was defined by the creator of the show: “We want to unite the electric atmosphere of the stadiums with the privacy of theaters”. The music will count on the collaboration of José Manuel Pinto, a Barça former goalkeeper, now a music producer and artist from Sony. “There will be songs that Leo likes”, he says.