The top model who beat 800 men at freestyling

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Away from her duties as a model and TV producer, Fiorella Castillo (27) has carved a reputation of one of the most impressive freestyle footballers on the streets. Impressively pulling-off a range of kick-ups and other manoeuvres while sporting high heels Castillo attracts the attention of passers-by every time she performs.

The Argentinian model became famous during 2014 World Cup, after defeating over 800 men at freestyling on Ipanema Beach (Rio de Janeiro). She was there supporting his country, which ended the tournament as the runner-up.

“I’ve been playing since I was young”, she said shortly after her overwhelming horse victory in Brazil. “I do it more than anything because it’s fun. I see a football ball and I turn into a little kid, I love it so much”, she added.

The world of freestyling isn’t exactly awash with females, making Castillo a rarity. “I wanted a way to compete against the guys. As a result, I decided to start doing tricks in high heels. As far as I know, I’m the first girl to do this”, Fiorella told while she was watching the 2014 World Cup.

Castillo admires lots of pro players, even she’s got a couple of favourite names: “I think that Leo Messi is the best footballer of this era. He’s extremely skilled. In my opinion, Maradona is gonna be always special. He is the best ever, because he guided Argentina to the World Cup title”.

Apart from modeling, Miss Castillo has worked as a producer in a futsal TV show. Moreover, she also has been involved in theater shows, after ending his journalism degree. Football freestyle is the most important hobby of this awesome Argentinian top model. Respect Miss Castillo!

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