McGregor invites Ibrahimovic to train with him

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They call him ‘Mystic Mac’. And a young Conor McGregor foresaw that his feet would be helping to earn him megabucks as a pro sportsman. While the Irishman assumed that would be rippling nets on muddy fields, however, it’s actually throwing wheel and tornado kicks in bloodied Octagons.

Blessed with cybernated precision and barbarous fist-force, McGregor KO’d Jose Aldo in 13 seconds and annihilated Eddie Alvarez over eight minutes to become the first man in history to hold two UFC titles simultaneously.

Conor McGregor’s passions in life may lie in UFC and becoming the world’s No 1 athlete, but a childhood in Dublin equipped him with an early love of football and particularly Manchester United. Speaking recently to FIFA, McGregor outlined his connections to football and his opinion about Cristiano and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

“I respect Zlatan and his positive-winning-mentality mindset, but let’s get this straight: there is only one Conor McGregor! Zlatan Ibrahimovic is trying to be the Conor McGregor of football – good luck to him. Zlatan and Paul Pogba are welcome to come and train with me whenever they like”, he told.

Zlatan in MMA?

When SPORTbible conducted an exclusive interview with Ibrahimovic in 2017, the well-travelled striker, who has a black belt in Taekwondo, did not rule out a career change to MMA.

“I would need six months and I would be ready. Six months of training and I could go into Martial Arts”. Zlatan told us while chatting about his mobile app, Zlatan Legends.

But he also gave his prediction for the McGregor-Mayweather Las Vegas mega-fight that was on the horizon at the time and beamed about UFC’s biggest draw, stating that Conor is the “Ibrahimovic of the Martial Arts world” in a quite brilliant answer.