New Adidas Predator

Awesome: new Predator return in the classic colourway

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New Adidas Predator


Season starts soon. So incredibly soon. You’re going to have to start going for some half-hearted runs around the park, and you’ll have to curtail that midweek drinking habit that appeared over the summer. You’re also going to need some new boots. It’s incredibly, incredibly important that you look good while you encourage others to do your running.

With that in mind, Adidas have unveiled their new boot pack for the coming season. It’s for heroes returning from Russia, and for heroes returning to lumpy, sodden Sunday League pitches alike. It’s called “Team Mode”, and each of the styles is designed to represent an important aspect that makes up a great football team. The important information, the thing you really, really want to know is that they’ve brought Predator back in its original colourway.

Through the years, Adidas have graced us with a number of classic boots. From the iconic ‘Champagne’ boot to Zinedine Zidane’s Predator Precision’s, these are without doubt the most popular series of boots to hit the market.

They have become somewhat of a cult to those who had the pleasure of owning a pair. The classic fold over tongue and leather exterior made us think we could strike a ball like Beckham and Zidane. If you know – you know.

In 2014, Adidas released the Predator Instinct and the design was criticised by many. It was a symbol of modern day football. The famous, classic design of a Predator had ‘evolved’. Now, four years later, the classic colourway has returned. Red and black is back.

The Predator truly feels like a boot that is created to be on the ball. Some speed boots are designed for getting to the ball, for racing the opposition, but the Predator 18+ is built for control. No, the famous Predator ridges on the upper aren’t as prominent as previous Predator generations, but the emphasis is far more on control than bending in free-kicks.

The CONTROL SKIN is the stand out feature for us. It genuinely feels like it aids your first touch, especially bringing a ball out of the sky. The ridges that extend across the top of the foot absorb the impact allowing you to stop a ball dead with added ease. Overall, the Adidas Predator 18+ is the complete football boot. Locked in comfort, technology that aids touch, passing and shooting, and a lightweight feel that makes you wonder what more you’d actually want from a 2018 Adidas Predator.

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