PUMA Sneakers's 50th anniversary

PUMA & Pepsi collaborate on vintage suede release

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PUMA Sneakers's 50th anniversary


After a number of special releases to mark the PUMA Suede‘s 50th anniversary – including collaborations with everyone from The Weeknd to Ferrari – PUMA have now recruited Pepsi for a new take on the silhouette. Coming in two colorways, either blue or black, the sneaker takes inspiration from Pepsi cans.

This capsule release includes two versions of the suede sneakers – a black pair and a blue pair – both featuring a retro Pepsi-Cola logo to add to the anniversary vibe. The drop also includes apparel like T-shirtshoodies and sweatpants.

The items, which are on sale on Puma’s website, aren’t insanely priced. The sneakers range from $85 to $110 (and no doubt will go higher on the resale market), sweatshirts are $85, track pants are $75 and T-shirts are $35. The T-shirts, however, are already sold out.

But, wouldn’t you know it, they’re already going for marked up prices on the likes of eBay. Those $100 sneakers are listed as high as $160. The ones Puma is selling for $110 are going for upward of $175.

Puma’s suede sneakers hit the scene in 1968, 20 years after being founded by German entrepreneur Rudolf Dassler. The shoes have since turned into a recurring factor across the segments of music, fashion, and sports.

Pepsi has earned the #29 spot on Forbes’ Most Valuable Brands 2018 list, with an estimated brand value of $18.4 billion. This year, the New York-headquartered company sponsored the Super Bowl halftime show for a sixth straight year. The brand has built a reputation for itself when it comes to delivering some of the most buzzed-about advertisements in contemporary history, often relying on the power of celebrity endorsements.

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